#QUITVOLUNTEERING If; then, go-to pro-gram(m)-ing... What is the root language of your if; then, go-to pro-gram(m)-ing...? Does it "generate" [genesis] from your heart "generally"...? Does it come from what you "admire" [admiral; as in admiralty] in your heart or your mind...? Where are the translation ports...? Is there an alternating current [opposing view]...? Is there a reactive power asserting apparent power [enforcement] or maybe even a ground fault circuit interupter [third party officiuos intermeddler interferring with commerce]...? Is there a capacitor, resistor or governor impeding the flow for purpose of storage [warehousing - jails - banks - depositories etc] or self induction [exrajudicial insertion of private affairs - private estate matters]...? Are there any insulators [insurance policies for excessive charges] to help with load rejections [rejection of bill of lading] against the true power to which the entire circuit is demanding from...? I could go on endlessy... where do you pic up as I drop it... m-i-c... see ya real soon; k-e-y... why, because I love you!!! It's KEY - get it - pic it up and sing it brothers and sisters!!! MIC-KEY... it's all a mickey mouse show!!! Who gives the original command prompt...? How do yo convey your own message...?

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-11-19 05:16:32 UTC