Dear Chris Hallet, it was an honor to meet you and listen to your lecture, I am in shock as I attended your live Vedio many times. Thank you for speaking up truth when the government who shot you and tried to silence you what you and not Neely who is another great women who helped me with human sex trafficking, I spoke to her on Sunday at 6pm in Florida with her husband when Chris Hallet was shot not by you, but by someone else. It takes 8 hours to drive to Georgia not 3 as my brother has told me many times how long it takes to drive. Thank you Chris Hallet for the voice that you shared. These government people will pay. As for Neely I pray piece that someone will speak up of the crime that someone is setting you up. Thank you.

Posted by Deleted (6f7ae684) at 2020-11-17 08:58:22 UTC