@MalikaDulce so i asked Chris tonight.. does one need to put resoultion and discharge on fancy paper, wax seals etc.. he said, it does, but he doesn't send them folded, and only folded copies of bond.. are folded. how does private man do this.. without money.. soo frutrating. if copies on bond can be folded.. not all ahve fancy seals.. how can this be a private redress process?? with all the "bells and whisltes". sat here for hours tyring to figure out how to send them in... guess they won't be. i also asked.. use his cases.. his docs. then change ours to his; but our own info; and send his with ours; because he got the mandate under full faith and credit.. that is the easy part.. the rest not so much.. will be years before i get this.. kids grown. gotta be an easier answer. Missing my babies.. :( struggling how to use that process; not go into kangaroo courts.. as someof his docs did; so iget all that. but the conversion; from public to private. with all the fancy wax seals and bond paper, no one has the money for., another sleepless night.. missing my little ones. :( why go thru all this, if the format and presentment will be denied because of format issues?

Posted by MelGrover at 2020-11-15 10:49:20 UTC