YOUR "STRAWMAN" IS A "NATIONAL BANKING ASSOCIATION" THAT HAS LEGAL AUTHORITY TO CREATE LEGAL TENDER (AKA PROMISSORY NOTE) IN THE FORM OF AN "ORDER" (AKA DRAFT PAYMENT) TO DISCHARGE A DEBT COMMONLY CALLED A PROMISE (AKA NOTE). H.J.R. 192 Approved June 5,1933, 4:30 p.m. "...Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provisions is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any such coin or currency which at the time is legal tender for public and private debts...All coins and currencies of the United States (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations)hereunto and hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, for public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight."

Posted by Nathan-Leon:Roberts at 2020-09-17 06:03:05 UTC