PROOF YOUR SIGNATURE IS EVERYTHING IN FUNNY MONEY LAND, CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN PUPPETS, DEBTORS, AND CREDITORS. Per UCC 3-104(e), a "negotiable instrument" can be either a "promise/note" (to be indebted, promise to "pay") or a "order/draft" (order to make a draft payment). Per UCC 3-103(12), "Promise" means a written undertaking to pay money signed by the person undertaking to pay. Per UCC 3-103(8), "Order" means a written instruction to pay money signed by the person giving the instruction. The instruction may be addressed to any person, including the person giving the instruction, or to one or more persons jointly or in the alternative but not in succession. The commonality between a "Promise" and an "Order" is that each is accomplished by a "signature", that's it.

Posted by Nathan-Leon:Roberts at 2020-09-17 05:06:12 UTC