Augest 5th was the last time I saw my daughter, court ordered to see my daughter and Robert Leone my ex refused to follow it, also know on November 6th he put a protection order on my daughter know. So I would like to hire Melaka as I have tried everything and the courts have told me to go back to human sex trafficking, I am exposing Dristict 5 Jduge Michael M Price for human sex trafficking, Office ditty in Spokane, for all human sex trafficking. Can anybody be in court and start guiding me for correct paper work, I don’t need application form on some web sight as I have tried that, these judges won’t listen to me, I hired 10 lawyer in the past month and all of them are fucking lazy. What can I do and who will help me. O by the way court order to do an abortion? Hmmmm really, I told the social worker to shove it up her ass and let me know if she needs a stool softener.

Posted by Deleted (6f7ae684) at 2020-11-11 07:47:55 UTC