I'm need of some help, Colorado DHS took my six yr old after 2 sheriffs decided that I was on drugs even though my husband and 5 yr old at the time told them i was having seizures, my husband was arrested, I was hospitalized and then put in a holding cell and my daughter was put into DHS care. I have been fighting to get her back for months and now my husband has been arrested again this time for allegations of sexual abuse. Which I am sorry is ludicrous. I have seen the forensic interview of my daughter and to me it is obvious that she was guided in her answers. In addition during my visitation everytime things begain to be positive they would change times, locations and the person watching over the visit. When I kept up with their bs then magically I lost visitation and was accused of threating/tampering with a witness/my daughter. Followed by the judge giving my visitation back but it has taken over a month for them to finally set things up. I need some help, they are gonna tear my family apart and put my innocent husband away for a long time and take my daughter because the foster parents want her. Any ideas

Posted by Deleted (2551e997) at 2020-11-11 01:30:02 UTC