Ambushed as I was repairing my ride so I have no video it would of been nice to have but I handled the trespass on my identity like a boss. 1st cop rolls up says I am trespassing I tell him you see what i am doing, he says you got ID I reply no crime no ID he gets pissy I say call your Super he says to me sit down he is now conducting an investigation, Super shows up at that point walks up gets updated then tells me we all have to follow the rules and you are trespassing I reply no one asked me to leave as the rules state so I will move my self and property 10 feet to the sidewalk and they all of the sudden had no more issues with me and I went on with my day. LawfullLiving is fun when you practice it.

Posted by Deleted (a553a299) at 2020-11-10 13:39:31 UTC