This is the ignorance of our fathers and it saddens me greatly. This is the mentality we all must leave behind and replace with the truth. And I'm so grateful to have friends like Malika and others who are helping to dissolve the illusions we have been under. The following is a message from my husband's father after my husband told him we were not going to be doing a birth certificate or SSN for our new son. Who by the way arrived rather quickly this past Sunday. "David, whatever you do, make sure your son is a citizen of the United States. Do not condemn him to a life of oddity and failure. You can object to vaccinations by giving him homeopathic sugar cube immunizations on the main ones, and keep an official record of it and use that for school. But do not make him a product of rebellion or political statement or you will lose him and he will lead a miserable life. He indeed needs to be a citizen and a person regardless of what some crackpot idiot thinks out there. I know the laws and there is no virtue in not being a person and citizen in your own right. It is the most valuable part if ones autonomy. We don't avoid society. We influence and interact with society and uphold high standards of behavior before God abd our fellow man. But we are here to help and lift others, not just exist as unrelated, uncorrected creatures. He needs a good education and a solid moral compass. Please, don't make him a weapon against society. Let him enjoy life and be part of it. He needs to be able to travel, to learn, to earn, to own, and to contribute to society. He can do none of those things without being a vagabond or criminal. People who intentionally do not pay taxes are thieves if they benefit from what those taxes support. Please, don't raise him to be a rebel. He can learn the difference between lawful society and when government or criminals have overstepped the boundaries. But most of all, he needs to feel a part of his community and nation and be ready to protect and serve when needed. God, Family and Country."

Posted by Nicole Misha at 2020-09-17 03:13:27 UTC