Greetings Friends in Law This is a follow up post on post This weekend (11/06/20) I received two packages in the mail from mortgage lender SIERRA PACIFIC MORTGAGE COMPANY INC. and the servicing company named LoanCare, a ServiceLink Company Inc. The packages contained a letter from each company's representative and the copy of a few documents I originally requested from them (but not all documents). Attached you will find their responses to me, and the third follow up notice I will place in the mail tomorrow, respectively. @MalikaDulce and everyone, if you have any comments or suggestions about what I could include in my third follow up notice please let me know! I am gently escalating the tone of my Notices and letting them know the IRS will get in the middle if they don't provide me at least the name of the REMIC/REIT, its trustee and contact information, since that apparently the Tax Return and Statement for the mortgage loan are "proprietary, private and confidential". Uhum yeah yeah right right. I know I am beating a dead horse here and quite frankly I have no expectations the lender and servicing company will disclose all the information I have requested, but I want to document their (lack of) answers and show everyone what I am going through with the lender and the mortgage, and the actions I am taking to secure my property and prevent foreclosure in March of 2021. Please be aware of RESPA as well, and that you have the right to submit a Notice of Grievance to the lender prior to filling suit against them. This week I am recording a Mechanic's Lien using the template Malika uploaded here, as well as working on a land patent process with a specialist. When everything is said and done I will upload a copy of these documents for your entertainment. Cheers!

Posted by Deleted (8b70313a) at 2020-11-09 16:04:17 UTC