Hello Friends in Law. This is a follow up on post https://lawfulliving.disciplemedia.com/posts/1256 (me and mortgage lender soup opera). I received a response via mail from the Regulatory Compliance Manager with a letter, and a copy of three documents. I requested more than 3 documents and it appears to be that Mr. Sabet is playing dumb in regards to Tax Return and Statement documents that I requested a copy of. These are not MY Tax Return and Statement. These are the REIT's documents that should have been filed by the Trustee of the REIT in the year of the mortgage loan closing date (2017). Attached you will find a response I finished typing to Mr. Sabet. It's going out in the mail today :) Why am I insisting on the Tax Return and Statement from the REIT? Because the Lender can only foreclose on real estate investment properties IF an election was taken to treat the property as such via IRS Tax Return and Statement in the year of the closing date. More to come :)

Posted by Deleted (8b70313a) at 2020-11-06 13:59:26 UTC