#MoneyTalk Class will be on Saturday, the fourteenth day of the eleventh month! It’s time we adults have the #MoneyTalk because some of us don’t know what money, currency or credit is, how it comes into being, who is supposed be doing what with it and how! How to get in on the class? 1. Donate to: malikasvp@gmail.com (PayPal) OR $MalikaMbele (c@$# app) include note 📝 it’s for #MoneyTalk 2. Be a member of www.LawfulLiving.com 3. Comment/message me one’s handle to be added to private group classroom. **Special zoom number will be posted in classroom before class begins. Research topics will be posted before and after class! #Dollars #Dollhairs #DollaDollaBillYall

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-11-03 04:55:07 UTC