I hate the system. So I've been working on this murder case for a friend. Here's a quick rundown. 2 people from Kansas City (2 hours away) came down here to rob someone. They picked the guy, went with him to get PCP, and they all got high together. Then when the guy wanted to go home, they pulled over, locked the door, and turned around and started attacking him in the back seat. He pulled out a gun and shot one, and ran. All the evidence supports this. So originally they were going with a traditional murder charge, until we attacked the credibility of the guy who survived, who lies every time he talks. Anyways, now they're adding a felony murder charge based on the fact that he's a felon. So while in commission of "felon in possession" someone died, so all they have to prove is that he was a felon, had a gun, and someone died. I looked up the case law and there's hardly anything regarding using "felon in possession" as the basis for a felony murder. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated. Seems ridiculous to me that your right to self defense disappears because you got a felony possession charge in your past.

Posted by Deleted (e5436351) at 2020-11-02 03:23:27 UTC