The federal courts have ruled that private sector solicitors may not obtain social security numbers until they comport their solicitations to comply with disclosure requirements of the Privacy Act, including informing customers of the voluntary nature of such disclosure, the source of authority for requesting such disclosure, and possible uses to which disclosed numbers might be put. Yeager v. Hackensack Water Co., 615 F.Supp. 1087 (1985). Any person who is found violating the rights of a Citizen may be subject to the damages sustained by the individual and the costs of the action together with attorney fees. See Doyle v. Wilson, 529 F.Supp. 1343 (1982). Violation of 18 USC §§241, 242; 42 USC §§1983, 1985 1986 shall subject you personally and may also subject you to fines of up to $10,000.00, and imprisonment for up to ten years, or both.

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-11-01 18:30:48 UTC