Dear friends in law and @MalikaDulce Attached you will find the Second Notice I am mailing to the "lender" in regards to my original posts: My intention is to file a Mechanic's Lien on Monday November 2 2020, then send the lender the Second Notice attached to this post. The next court of action mentioned at the end of the Notice is the following. Comments and suggestions are welcome: 1) Return of the 20% down payment I made in 2017 (that's a bit over 120,000.00) 2) Return of all monthly mortgage payments I made from 2017 until 2020, including the months I did not make payments due to income loss and covid19. 3) Return of all interest and dividends I am entitled to as an investor and beneficiary in the real estate investment contract (it's not a loan, it's never a loan, it's an investment contract which I am an undisclosed third party beneficiary of). 4) Deed of Re conveyance 5) Release of lien If the lender cannot come up with the true amount related to item number 3, I will then request a settlement amount for that. I am thinking between 2-4 million dollars. I am not sure if this is a fair amount, I need to do more research on this. @MalikaDulce Any suggestions? If the lender refuses to meet the demands above, I will let them know I am filing a complaint with the Comptroller Currency Office, with my District Director, with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation in California, I will report them to the Internal Revenue Services for tax evasion pursuant to 26 U.S. Code § 7201. Attempt to evade or defeat tax , and will file suit in Federal Court to recover losses /damages and to have them fined or imprisoned as per 26 Code previously mentioned. ** Addition **If the lender accepts to reimbursement me accordingly, it won't be a debt forgiveness as they could issue a 1099c form with the IRS and I would be liable for the taxes, nor it won't be in any payment form that would make me liable for any and all types of Taxes that can be collected by the IRS pirates. Buckle up. This is getting hot! And everyone should be taking actions against these pirates! *** EVERY MORTGAGE IS A FRAUD*** The loan is in default at closing simply because of how the lender handles the Deed of Trust and Promissory Note. I am yet to see one mortgage which has been done correctly by the lender.

Posted by Sarah Marshall at 2020-10-31 14:32:41 UTC