If one does not use the SS number or birth cert for entry then why is it an issue ? if one goes to a public park then free speech is protected. no entry fee is imposed and no id is required. Isn't it true that unless one says they are an agent or "acting as" they must identify themselves as such. I know when public officials speak in comment portion of public meetings they can speak as a private individual or give their title as officially speaking for that position. I am also in court on a free speech issue. and from that am being charged for a "rule" violation of recording my own preliminary hearing. hahaha These monsters will just try anything to harass a truth teller. They have no conscience. ps- I am 65 and just signed up for medicare. I don't go to the doctor so It isn't that I need it. I only want emergency care. emergency can alone financially ruin the average person.

Posted by Deleted (4dc3c94c) at 2020-10-30 10:43:50 UTC