Hey all! I'm going to apologize ahead of time, as I am sure this question has been asked and probably answered, but given the conflicting stories I've heard from multiple ASN's and multiple groups, wanted to find out what the ASN's in this group has done, that has worked for them. I recently have become an ASN (as of yesterday!) and am needing to change my unlawful tax paperwork and file with my employer. 1. W4V ? 2. W-8BEN ? So I've heard I need to fill out a W4V from one group of ASN's, but also heard i need to instead fill out a W-8BEN from others. I see in the W4V that it asks for a SSN (although I know it is not required, and unlawful to ask for one), where others have put "none" in the box, but I did find a site that has modified the W8-BEN to change the title "Name of Beneficiary Owner" to "Name of human applicant". I am wanting to get this paperwork filed with my employer today, but wanted to ask what others have done, and what has worked. Again, apologies for the ignorance. I have read up on the USC and IRC of the sections that as an American State National, Non-Resident, Non-Person, that I am exempt from federal withholding, so i do have the articles to back up my claim, I am just going back and forth about what form is best to use. Thanks all, this group has been very informative and helpful!

Posted by Deleted (c0fce239) at 2020-09-16 13:44:25 UTC