So I have a question. I am currently working and my job is still denying me cancellation of the use of my SSN. They are still taking employee taxes out of my check and they are threatening to fire me if I continue to send them notices. Also I receive SSI and SSDI and now they are threaten to stop my checks because I never reported any wages to them. I’ve sent Social Security a Notice of Wages but yet they are giving me 30days to comply by sending them my earnings. So far I’ve made over $9,000 dollars by working. I would like to know what else can I do to stop them from bulling me both on my job and with Social Security. Trust me I’ve been following this group and studying the Notices before I mail them off but yet nothing is being done on my behalf. I may not post in this group all the time but believe me I am following and putting forth the efforts to stand on my square but I’m getting tired of being bullied into stuff that I know is unlawful. I would love to know if you guys will be doing a zoom on wages again in the future so that I can understand what I’m doing wrong for them not to follow suit. I know this has been covered plenty of times I just need a refresher course so that I can finally get a better understanding. Thank you

Posted by Deleted (f225cd65) at 2020-10-30 01:58:14 UTC