. Art thee lobbying for the use of Administration of Federal Reserve Notes...? U.S. Code Title 2. THE CONGRESS Chapter 26. DISCLOSURE OF LOBBYING ACTIVITIES 2 U.S. Code § 1602 - Definitions (2)Client The term “client” means any person or entity that employs or retains another person for financial or other compensation to conduct lobbying activities on behalf of that person or entity. A person or entity whose employees act as lobbyists on its own behalf is both a client and an employer of such employees. In the case of a coalition or association that employs or retains other persons to conduct lobbying activities, the client is the coalition or association and not its individual members. ______________________________ See here also: "employee" - "Congress" as opposed to "Judicial Administration"... https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/2/1602

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