El Hotepsekhemwy Pero... _______________________________ Got-Yah - - - - - - What I have come to say just may shock ya... But, you must quit letting them mock Yah... Get with ones self and feel your own Chakra... Let the mystical majesty of mother earth rock ya... It is said that We are to love thy neighbor as ourselves... Yet; many today live by the words of world-wide cartels... And proof is our young throwing coins in wishing wells... Tomorrow is just what each of our hearts truly compels... Never forget; For there is no respect of persons with God... All persons are in fact operated within commercial fraud... For the word in any form other than truth is in fact flawed... So now; sing His word near and far, truth of love abroad... Stand tall, sing of Yahs selfless glory of love... Give That to one another as Yah from above... No hems or seams, it always fits like a glove... Abate the hate and project the peace of a dove... Let them not shackle and imprison ones soul... As if it is something someone else once stole... For it is His and what truly makes one whole... So, communicate with Yah and seek His counsel... With full armor of God, one is sanctified and ordained... Love itself is not of one merely educated or trained... It is the inherent will of Yah and is forever unchained... And it is mother earth providing all prosperity gained... We are told no weapon formed against thee shall prosper... Yet these actors play it up and they all deserve an Oscar... When in greed and reality they each act as if a mobster... Remember; it is a fictional world, the person an imposter... With the words in ones heart the truth will be told... Knowing truth in those words one can not be sold... For it is the wisdom of Yah that we are to behold... So go forth and sing it in salvation and be bold... Sing to love and love to sing, what song Got Yah...?

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-10-29 21:30:57 UTC