I received at "civil infraction". I have sent notice of conditional acceptance, notice of acceptance of Oath(s) of Offices(s) and Notice of liability. How ever the County Clerk/Register of Deeds/ and Clerk of the 4th Circuit Court (she wear several hats) is requesting ten American dollars and zero cents per document. This is after several demands and accepting her Oaths of Offices for the definition of her symbolism ie: ($) and what specie she was referencing. Has anyone heard of an American dollar? Should I sent her a response asking where I might obtain such American dollars? As the U.S. Dollar/note was replaced by Federal Resreve Notes (FRN's) in January 21, 1971. The Treasury Department stopped issuing United States notes, and none have been placed into circulation since.

Posted by tcasad at 2020-10-29 20:18:22 UTC