On July 10th, my teenage daughter lost her temper and threw a glass at me that bounced off of the floor and sliced my calf wide open. I had to call HEMSI. I was bleeding out. Cop shows up, Milah lies and says I threw something at her first. He calls DHR. I had been up all night in hospital, lost a bunch a blood and was given pain medication. I returned home to a DHR lady. Her and her supervisor were threatening to split my 3 children up into multiple counties if I didn’t sign a safety plan. I was coerced into signing. I was advised to comply. I completed all services and passed all drug screens these last 4 months and she wouldn’t even give me unsupervised visits. All of my kids are suffering mentally. Both of my girls have been suicidal because of the removal from their home. I withdrew my signature from the safety plan a couple of days ago and went and picked up my kids! She came with 3 cops without a warrant or pick up order and kidnapped my children. Now we have a hearing today in front of a referee in juvenile court. What can I do? I still have custody. My daughter admitted to lying about the incident. Please, any help? Thank you.

Posted by Deleted (ea716b38) at 2020-10-29 13:37:14 UTC