I’m not sure if this is allowed but I saw this in a site I’m in. I’m trying to find my rights and the law concerning my families matter. On October 2nd my daughter lost her life in Covington, Ky and the police are doing nothing about it. I have a recording with a witness to what happened. She came forward to me after finding me on Facebook. She agreed to go to the police and did. The police verified she did contact them but noone is going to take the word of a junkie. He said he needs evidence even though she admitted that there was fentanyl there.she said she never saw my daughter touch it. The police said they are waiting on the toxicology report then he’ll know what he is doing. He also said that could take awhile because on other reports he’s been waiting since May. My daughter suffered for four hours or so in her own vomit and excrements while the people there robbed her. They stole her money, purse, money card, social security card everything. The police said can you prove it? It’s as if my daughter is being treated like her life didn’t matter. I have all four of their names. I just want justice for my baby. Then we are also fighting cps for my other daughter to get custody of my youngest daughter children because they went straight to foster care and not to family. My oldest daughter lives in Ohio and Ohio cps approved her to get custody but Kentucky gave them to foster parents.

Posted by Deleted (bcb742b5) at 2020-10-29 11:00:13 UTC