Anybody want to help me with some bankruptcy questions? I entered into a chapter 13 plan before I understood the process' to avoid Sheriff sale of my homeplace on 28 acres here. I have been as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest since my ex maliciously abandoned me with no grounds for divorce,and couldn't feed her anymore money after I faithfully took care of her ungrateful ass for 30 years. Trying to learn law,and all the process' I have 150 dockets from the support case alone. She has a high revenue producing standard bearer attorney for the courts who is an obdurate, and vexatious feministic bitch who bullies all the courts into giving her what she wants. No matter what I have filed including evidence packs, the asshole judge just defers to big mouth, loud mouth. She even contested the bankruptcy forcing default to try to have me sold out of the home i built myself. I need to have an amendment filed by friday,or they will dismiss my case. I asked the trustee if I could offset these debts through HJR192? Here is his response: lol, "I cannot and should not answer this question since it involves a legal opinion that may conflict with our office's obligations." Thanks to anyone who can help me get abetter understanding here. I am torn up from surgeries from working as Logging,and Excavating contractor all my life. I loved it, but I ended up cut in half last time to fix a hole in my Diaphragm 2"x4" wide where my intestines crawled up beside my left lung. I also now have broken hardware from 2 other back surgeries in 91-92. Not looking for pity, I am good, but just too torn up to work anymore. It stinks! Pain all the time. Humbling experience when you are used to working like a horse to have it all extorted by some evil bitches through the court system.Thanks

Posted by Deleted (8478276a) at 2020-10-28 20:15:20 UTC