Service Announcement for #FreeUtilities Class: If one's handle/screenname appears on this list it means: 1. One has gifted a donation with a name not easily recognized by the handle used here on this site so I didn't match it with said gift. Solution: send me or @Robin Marie name used with donation and we will add one to the private classroom. 2. One has NOT made a donation yet and wishes to access the classroom. Solution: make donation to malikasvp@gmail (paypal, friends and family) OR $MalikaMbele (c@$hApp) then send me or @Robin Marie the name used with gift and one will be added to the private classroom. Note: If one has made a donation and they have NOT requested access to the classroom, send me or Robin the name/email one used for the gift and we will add one to the classroom. Thanks, my people! It's my pleasure to serve! I apologize for any delay in access as we work out the kinks :)

Posted by MalikaDulce at 2020-10-28 17:44:06 UTC