I have a question ... so, lets say a fraud hearing officer from a county in which he never had venue, much less territorial jurisdiction and all orders are fraud... Malika, you mentioned that one can do a remonstrance to county commissioner.. or prosecutor from the fraud obstruction charges.. because there is so many violations, could one offer limited immunity in exchange for vacating and voiding all orders from said fraud judge and restore sons? the fee schedule will be reduced or removed?? trying to think how best to do this. as to not get myself in a pickle for bribery or some stupid stuff they could try to come back at me with in their corrupt ways. going to bed.. nite all. :) Thank you or on second thought, would it be better to do a habeas in fed court ? and do i have to wait until the resoultion and discharge is done?

Posted by MelGrover at 2020-10-26 07:12:47 UTC