On 10/01/2020, I was detained on the side of the road by a policy officer in a disguise of deputy. i had him off guard from the start. Asking him if I need to render assistance. I told him I did not want to contract, also I needed to see Proper ID and business card. What law states I need a drivers license. Under duress with threat of arrest with hand on gun. I gave him the drivers license. Never ask for proof of insurance or registration. He stated he wrote me two infractions one for no proof of insurance and a dirty license plate. Review the ticket it was only for no proof of insurance. On 10/02/2020 I went to traffic division and rescind the ticket as it is within my three days of recession. Witness by the three security guards that violated my civil right on mask. Reported to courts ADA coordinator and filed complaint with ADA. On 10/24/2020 I received two mailings, a post card from 12th District court (attached) and another letter from 12th Judicial District Court, Warrant Enforcement Division from same address. The letter head does not match the name on envelope. The letter states that court records show that payment on your ticket or file is delinquent. Failure to pay, or failure to contact me, will result in further enforcement action by the court. Then list information from post card. The post card has an appearance date of 10/15/20, which I was never given notice of. The court on there website states it is closed following State Supreme Court Order and Governor Whitmer's order I have accepted the oaths of office and constitutions of the prosecutor, Head "judge", Clerk of the court, Magistrate, and all Public Servant that work for "The JUDICIARY COURT OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN"(from DUNS) aka: 12th district court. Any help or insight into this matter would be welcomed.

Posted by tcasad at 2020-10-25 17:19:09 UTC