I'm new here but let me share what I do... I just spent ten years figuring out these 'fundamental principles' of 'the common law' and our 'supreme Law of the Land' (which I swore to defend in the ARMY in 2003 btw, though I never did any active duty though, so not really a 'veteran'. Got general discharge after training to go take care of my Mom in another State basically), and now I have managed to make Tempe City Police and Courts actually stop enforcing harmless civil and criminal 'offenses' which more than one Tempe Officer has said makes 'over 90% of what we do' just not enforceable! I've got at least 7+ civil and criminal cases dismissed and made Tempe police stop enforcing the no bike light and wrong way in bike lane and jay walking statutes, and arresting people for 'trespass on ADOT property' for begging on STATE property (OUR 'Public' property! Begging is 'free speech' btw, a FIRST amendment 'Right'!), and now I am accepting clients who want to hire me to help get THEIR cases/tickets dismissed, and to begin prosecuting our corrupt and incompetent public servants, and to actually eliminate ALL these unconstitutional 'colorable laws' in our WHOLE Country! Just imagine if 'over 90% of what [Police] do' now, they suddenly stopped enforcing!... I can also PROVE that taxes on labor and land are not lawful, as well as 'licenses' for personal travel on public roads, so, if we do the math I'm pretty sure we will see we can eliminate MORE than half of the total expenses of 'Government', AND reduce the total 'Taxes' "We the People" pay by MORE than half also, AND have MORE left over at the same time, to go towards charitable 'Public Services', AND have more freedom, less 'Government' expenses, and more 'Prosperity' over all! IF/WHEN Enough of 'We the People of the United States' actually LEARN these 'fundamental principles' of 'the common law' and OUR 'supreme Law of the Land' (and 'Administrative Remedies', HOW to 'GovernPublicServants' #LIKEaSOVEREIGN !), and STOP ALLOWING our hired servants to 'make or enforce' or even 'neglect to prevent' 'any Thing... to the Contrary', THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL 'We the People of the United States' FINALLY accomplish the PURPOSE of 'Government' and OUR 'supreme Law of the Land': "to... establish Justice... and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"! So you can WATCH me make police stop enforcing things and they THANK me for it, and get these 'LawDocs' for free on my websites (and read HOW I 'GovernPublicServants' #LIKEaSOVEREIGN ) @: www.NRDL.org www.GovernPublicServants.com

Posted by Deleted (85581bb6) at 2020-10-24 23:38:59 UTC