REVISED _____________________________________________ I thought I would give ya'll a holler to help you to climb out of the squalor... of the fraud of that cherished dollar and cast off that name and it's collar... To help open your eyes to the reality that there is no such thing as equality... with programs called AARP and AFDC i would think you could clearly see... This isn't a story about little bo peep and how she lost her damn sheep... It's one of how we all fell asleep and think we own shit we can't keep... It's about anger, sorrow and dissent and how we all need to repent... We sign to have some money lent then we turn and spend every red cent... He said go forth and prosper but, here we are following an evil impostor... So let's take a good look at the roster and see if you're a slave or coster... Are you a wolf in sheeps clothing or are you scared and just posing... Are you a sheep that keeps voting, is that a Birth Certificate you're holding... What do you know about education now that you gave up dedication... What do you know of edification while you relax in your sedation... Letting some clown in a black robe manipulate your temporal lobe... Using statute, regulation or code with fines, penalties and anal probes... Sitting in cognitive dissonance while they keep trying to imprison us... Doesn't matter if you're indigenous they are not going listen to us... So maybe now you all can see it's a story about all of us you and me... And how if you want to be free then all need to come together as WE... Whether we have different skin color or we're rich or live in squalor... Take off the masters slave collar and quit bowing down to that dollar... Tis time to wake up and help others discern what they mean by attorn... Spreading information for all to learn before we end up in an infernal urn... So feel free to grab a book, open the damn thing and take a look... Before another nice policy crook strings you up with a baited hook... It's nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors to bring every last one of you nearer... and I can't make it any clearer you're the next one they fleece with the shearers... So i ask of all of you to open your eyes and not listen to their deceit and lies... as you too help others to learn and realize the true colors and nakedness of their disguise... Exposing these fraudsters as they are whether in shadows or at the cafe bar... and ever keep them within your radar lest they need strung by a rope high and far... Todays children are the creators of tomorrow let them live with hope not sorrow... provide a wealth of knowledge and be thorough so they may prosper not borrow... It's up to us to tear down the tyranny and get back to living our lives with purity... start showing some real transparency and say, "it's time to get rid of the fear in me"... We must stand brave with courage and overcome the oppression of demurrage... cast off the admiralty like scourage and educate at every last occurence... Being stewards to one another in true love instead of all being made a fool of... exposing the words they use in lieu of and showing everyone the proof of... They can't deny the people as a whole and one day they'll all pay the toll... for the intangible things they stole by hypothecating the volition of the peoples role... Shake off the education, occupation, indoctrination, liquidation, patriation, damnation, medication, sedation, dictation, vexation, truncation, ruination, rogation, taxation, temptation, inflation, degradation, abrogation, accusation, augmentation, immitation, causation; citation; flouridation; vocation; starvation; deflation; mutation; negation; litigation; narration; frustration; oration; allegation; abdication; agitation; abreviation; administration; tribulation; transportation; continuation; domestication; discrimination; evaluation; exasperation; exaggeration; falsification; huminization; humiliation; impersonation; incrimination; idolization; glorification; dissemination; bastardization; separation... I could go on forever - do get my point... " WE can do this! NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now or never people it's time - this ain't no fairy-tale rhyme!!!

Posted by El Hotepsekhemwy Pero at 2020-10-23 06:19:57 UTC