well I got arrested by the Karen for trespassing in his presence couple days ago got some good video and my brother got video as well. Have not seen my brother in 20 years and our first trip to the grocery store ended up in my arrest. I made alot of jail employees laugh during my invitation when I walked in with the shirt I was wearing and conversed with a few offended ones until they saw my point of view. Anyway all my interactions with the karen I have experienced about 98% of it is on video to view. I noticed that a separate case that I failed to appear for court in July for other cases all jammed into one case did not come up in question during my in jail court appearance. In that case I actually filed a mail fraud case on that case back in january when I went to the initial court hearing and asked the judge if she received my mail package and she told me she does not open mail. The postal service did contact me back then but I have not been able to contact them about it. Sure was surprising when the judge at the jail asked the prosecuter what other charges does he have and she responded to 2003 1996 1999 cases not anything later than that. I was released on ROR so now I have another case pending I will send another round of documents now to the state attorney in person rather than to the court house like I did last time. the picture was taken in a wal-mart that does not contact the police to disturb me as i shop without a mask but the employees panic and call security but security does not respond to me. I took the pic minutes before getting arrested at another store i shop at for groceries.

Posted by Deleted (a553a299) at 2020-10-22 18:27:28 UTC