New here. I have had an affidavit for right to travel and memorandum of law to travel. copyrighted name. revocated voter registration. affidavit of truth. But my wife and I were approached by an officer last month who said we had active warrants for failure to pay fines. We did not provide identity he just said he knew who we were and 10 officers immediately surrounded us. I got tackled to the ground and my wife was due to give birth to our 5th child this week. Our 4 children were in the car and DHS immediately showed up and took our 4 children! my wife was just cited out and they charged her with marijuana, paraphernalia, resisting, firearms, and obstruction of governmental operations. I was also charged all of this. they sent our children into foster care that night even tho we had family lined up to take them. we are homesteaders. live off the grid. no vax holistic, etc. they released them back to us the next day around 4pm after all day they were telling us they were not going to release them to us. Our children told us the foster parent took pictures of each of them and put them into an online book!!! we had our 5th three days after this incident. Now for the past month and half they-dhs- are driving the 6 miles down our dirt road and walking past our no trespassing signs and gate the 1/2 mile walk to our home trying to find us 2- 3 times a week! what can we do. I have thought about a cease and desist. or sueing them. Any advice would be appreciated. these bastards are trying to traffick my children!

Posted by Deleted (077cf0af) at 2020-10-20 07:18:03 UTC